The purpose of this organization is to create a passionate and supportive student community that aims to share the joy of Salsa and related dances. We provide instruction in the basics of Salsa dancing, the basics of Bachata dancing, the basics of Cha-Cha dancing, the basics of Merengue dancing, and the basics of Kizomba dancing, which is growing in popularity within Salsa clubs. We aim to provide an environment where practice of the above dances can be executed, to provide a social network that focuses on dancing events and activities, and to provide a portal for individuals with similar interests to meet and interact.

This organization originally began back in the summer of 2001 when some of the UCR student members of the Ballroom and Swing Club of UCR (BaSC) branched off towards a love of salsa. The club lasted several strong years before losing active status due to various issues, but was reformed in Fall of 2012 by UCR students who were inspired to give new life to the Salsa Club at UCR after hearing stories from the club alumni of their life-changing experiences during their time in the organization.

Our goal as the new generation of the Salsa Club at UCR is to ensure a continued, thriving existence for the club with the addition of the Board of Alumni as a way for the members of the Riverside Salsa Family to continue growing and supporting this gateway to a life-long gift of dance, friendship, and perhaps love!